“A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”

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Some time ago I drew these Harry Potter characters, but I don’t think I ever put them all on Tumblr in one big thing, just a few here and there and a photo of the paper figures that I made from them.  

With these drawings, I was trying to follow the physical descriptions given in the books while diverging as much as possible from the movie and original illustration versions.  With the three main kids, I don’t think I did much by way of giving any of them a new spin - something I might try to rectify some time down the road - but I had fun drawing all of them, and that’s the important thing, ain’t it?

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Gerard Way’s Batman comic concept.

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Wonder if there’s a Tailspin one…

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American Art, Grant Snider

I guess one doesn’t have to leave a museum anymore to experience everything :)

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